Friday, December 24, 2010

The first picture is not, as one might expect, from the BVI but was taken by a friend of mine today and e-mailed to me. Little did he know that this snapshot did not fill me with envy (smirk). I lazed around the boat before noon and then decided to start work on polishing the stainless using both Nevr-Dull and some new rust remover (which really did work quite well). The whole bimini and cockpit area is now glittering with polished steel, plus I cleaned some of the fibreglass and generally put the topsides in order. This took a lot longer than I expected, but each time I was too hot and sweaty I'd just jump overboard for a swim to cool off. I had to re-anchor as the shifting winds had put me very close to another boat (which was there first, so it was my responsibility to move) and luckily I did this early, since the anchorage filled up quite quickly by mid-afternoon.

I've been invited to a Christmas party at Leverick Bay this evening so will shower & shave and be on my best behaviour when I head over there at 18:30, camera in plastic baggie in backpack.

The party at Leverick was a great success, the buffet dinner was excellent and my first run at the buffet filled my plate with various salads; I think my body was telling me something about what I'd not been eating in the past days. After I'd had my share of rabbit food I went back to the trough and had some excellent ribs and roasted pork with BBQ Sauce and, after being goaded by my server, did a third run on the food. Fully sated, I joined Nick and Monika at the bar and watched the Jumbies entertain the crowd for a bit, then the band did a good job of keeping everyone happy. I read this morning that there was an earthquake at 5 on the Richter scale around 8pm, but neither I nor anyone in the crowd seemed to notice a thing. I would attribute that to the amount of alcohol flowing.

Winter vistaA friend sent me this from Germany
Virgin Gorda sunset Virgin Gorda sunset
Virgin Gorda sunset
Cockpit of Zanshin I Cockpit of Zanshin I
Cockpit of Zanshin I
Yummy BBQ One of the staff at Leverick Bay get a head start on dinner before the buffet opens and the mad feeding frenzy begins.

[18°29'50.5"N 64°23'10.26"W ]
Yummy BBQ
New Year 2010 in Leverick New Year 2010 in Leverick
New Year 2010 in Leverick
Christmas in Caribbean Crowd waiting for entertainment at Leverick Bay in the BVI on Christmas Eve.
Christmas in Caribbean
Nick and friend Nick, the resort manager at Leverick Bay in the BVI, at Jumbies bar with his dog, a stray whom he adopted.
Nick and friend
Monika at Christmas Monika, Nick's wife, at the Christmas party at Leverick Bay
Monika at Christmas
Christmas buffet at Leverick Despite the late hour and the big crowds, there is still more than enough food at the buffet.
Christmas buffet at Leverick
Moko Jumbies at Leverick The Moko Jumbies dancers often look like they are having at least as much fun as the guests.
Moko Jumbies at Leverick

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