Thursday, December 23, 2010

This spot is so wonderfully calm and pretty that I think I'll remain another day, despite showing good sailing weather for the day. I'll get some more work done aboard the boat, go snorkeling a bit and otherwise just do as little as possible in as much time as possible. This is an apt description of “Island Time” and I'll emulate that today.
I spent a lazy day today, swimming around the boat, then using Nevr-Dull to get some of the stainless steel stanchion and deck hardware from state “dull and rusty” back to “shiny”. Then I ran around the anchored boats in the area and took some pictures and went back to the boat and did more of nothing. Ahh, quite relaxing!

Zanshin I's teak The teak in the cockpit has been cleaned and then lightened with a light acid.
Zanshin I's teak
Wind Spirit in the North Sound Wind Spirit in the North Sound
Wind Spirit in the North Sound
Zanshin I off Prickly Pear Here I'm anchored off Prickly Pear island in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the BVI - this is my favorite anchorage position in the BVI.
Zanshin I off Prickly Pear
Bitter End Dock Unfortunately this is all that remains of the extensive docks at Leverick Bay after the hurricanes smashed up the old one in 2010

[18°29'55.52"N 64°21'28.05"W (facing W)]
Bitter End Dock
Saba Rock island Saba Rock island

[18°30'9.23"N 64°21'29.08"W (facing NE)]
Saba Rock island
Neckar Belle Yacht The luxurious catamaran is owned by Sir Richard Branson and is usually seen around the North Sound in the BVI, close to Neckar Island from which she gets her name.
Neckar Belle Yacht
Sea Cloud Sea Cloud

[18°29'39.92"N 64°22'6.17"W (facing N)]
Sea Cloud
Digital HDR attempt An attempt to make a HDR photo using freeware.

[18°30'11.77"N 64°21'35.73"W (facing SW)]
Digital HDR attempt

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