Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apart from waking up at 1am when a boat in the North Sound set off a very impressive fireworks show for about 10 minutes I slept through the night like a rock, waking refreshed at 7:00 and starting the day off with a coffee and then not really doing much at all. I did my picture editing and uploading for a bit, drank more coffee and had some Müsli bars and then spent 2 hours replacing my stereo; which unfortunately still doesn't play to the cockpit speakers but does allow me connect the iPod directly and use a remote control. I'll have to trace the wiring and see where they've been disconnected (most likely around the generator area, as I see that they pulled out another cable so it stands to reason that they did something nasty elsewhere.

The day is somewhat cloudy and perfect, I've been swimming a bit and, after writing these words, will re-anchor closer to Leverick Bay so that I might easily be able to go ashore this evening. Since it is cool below decks and I really miss my cockpit speakers in the evening I'll most likely start searching for the error afterwards. I tried to trace the lines but it is quite difficult, so I put a multimeter to the wires to the speakers and was surprised to see that they were getting power; which means that somehow both outside speakers died at the same time and it wasn't the generator people. Luckily, I had two spare speakers which I installed and now have music outside.

An American boat anchored less than 50 feet to my side, and since WindGuru shows the wind rotating tonight I immediately weighed anchor and set off to a new location. As had happened once before, I tripped over something on the right-hand (starboard) side on the way back to the cockpit and have now sprained or perhaps broken my second toe, luckily just the middle one which doesn't seem to have to carry as much weight as the others. It is a bit painful and I've bandaged it up with the remaining bandages from the last time.

Old car stereo While the stereo stil worked, it didn't have a connection for my iPod so I soon replaced it. The Glomex device has something to do with the TV and is one of the few devices on board about which I had absolutely no idea.
Old car stereo
Installing the new radio Here is the equipment I'm using to install the new radio on Zanshin I. It isn't quite plug-and-play as the connector is non-standard and I had to cut and reconnect each wire separately.
Installing the new radio
New car stereo I just replaced the original stereo on Zanshin I with this device, into which I could plug my iPod and listen to my music.
New car stereo
Bitter End Yacht Club The view of the Bitter End Yacht Club as seen from my anchorage position off Prickly Pear island in the BVI.

[18°30'11.28"N 64°21'40.91"W (facing SE)]
Bitter End Yacht Club
Another broken toe Another broken toe
Another broken toe
Harle megayacht Megayacht "Harle" in the North Sound.
Harle megayacht
Replacing cockpit speakers Here I've replaced the two old cockpit speakers (which presumably blew out during hurrican Earl) with new ones.
Replacing cockpit speakers
Full Moon rising Full Moon rising
Full Moon rising
Leverick at night Leverick at night

[18°29'54.36"N 64°23'8.92"W (facing SW)]
Leverick at night
Jumbies Bar and Grill Jumbies Bar and Grill

[18°29'53.56"N 64°23'10.25"W (facing S)]
Jumbies Bar and Grill
Jumbies Bar Patrons Nick (the resort manager) and patrons at the Jumbies Bar of Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda.

[18°29'50.89"N 64°23'10.27"W ]
Jumbies Bar Patrons

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