Monday, December 13, 2010

Sometime before dawn I was awakened by a sporadic light knocking on the forward bulkhead next to my head. I soon realized it was the boat hook that I'd hung up in the sail locker that was swinging into the bulkhead with the very light swell - but I was so lazy that I kept on hoping that the sound would stop by itself. Alas, it didn't. So I had to get up and remove the source of the sound - but as the sun was coming up I remembered that the tome on photography that I'd purchased kept on stating that the perfect light is at sunrise, so I grabbed the camera a took a number of pictures, only one of which was halfway acceptable. Fortunately, I feel fast asleep after that and woke up at 7:30 to make some coffee and start the day slowly.

I needed to make it to Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda in order to clear out of the BVI but the wind was only 3-4 knots dead on the nose so I motored all the way in time to clear out at about 14:00 and was fortunate to have the exact $5 as the cashier was once again out to lunch (the last 2 times at VG customs & immigration I'd not been so fortunate and once had to wait until the next day). The whole procedure took less than 5 minutes and was a breeze. After clearing out I was no longer in a hurry and took a leisurely sail up to the North Sound and anchored off Prickly Pear again. I got the dinghy engine up without dropping it into the anchorage and put the dinghy up on the foredeck. The weather looks perfect for a quick motor across, shows 5 knots of wind and the Atlantic swell with a very long period (making the crossing comfortable instead of a chore). I've just grilled a Chorizo and baked a potato on the BBQ and am going to get 4 hours of sleep before setting off on the passage around two in the morning.

Foxy's Taboo calm The winds had died down overnight and in the morning it was a dead calm with all of the boats swinging randomly around their moorings.

[18°27'5.03"N 64°43'27.49"W (facing SE)]
Foxy's Taboo calm
Namaste Yacht Namaste Yacht

[18°27'5.14"N 64°43'28.32"W (facing SW)]
Namaste Yacht
Villa on the BVI north side Villa on the BVI north side

[18°27'39.51"N 64°34'24.19"W (facing S)]
Villa on the BVI north side
Monkey Point BVI The catamaran is on a mooring at Monkey Point off Guana Island in the BVI; this is a great snorkeling spot as it is full of big fish - hundreds of them circle and swim around you as you snorkel.

[18°27'43.76"N 64°33'59.9"W (facing NW)]
Monkey Point BVI
Club Med II anchored Club Med II anchored

[18°26'57.55"N 64°26'10.22"W (facing W)]
Club Med II anchored
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour This is the Virgin Gora Yacht Harbour in the BVI on a very empty day, usually it is quite full and one can't see all that wooden dock space.

[18°26'57.29"N 64°26'10.3"W (facing W)]
Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour

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