Sunday, December 12, 2010

I really needed to leave Great Harbour, I'd been there two nights in a row already and felt as if I were growing roots. There was a get-together arranged by folks aboard “Namaste” (aka “Suburban Dharma”) for Diamond Cay that afternoon/evening so I headed out to Sandy Spit for a bit of snorkeling and talking on the island, then taking a mooring ball off Foxy's Taboo. I wanted to visit the bubbly pool but got to the mangrove swamp and used my tracking skill to follow a set of tracks that merely circled around the area and returned to Foxy's. I looked for a path, was unsuccessful and decided it was time to return to the restaurant and re-hydrate at the bar. The day continued in the same vein, meeting up with fellow sailors from the TTOL BVI Forum and then ending up on “Namaste” for more libations and a 14-person stint in the HUGE aft cabin bed, which we called the Orgy Room.

Approaching Sandy Cay Motoring to Sandy Cay in the BVI with little wind. Often the anchorage in front of this little tiny island is full of both charter boats and big megayachts as it is an idyllic location. The island once belonged to the Rockefeller family but the foundation has donated the island back to the BVI.

[18°26'5.46"N 64°42'50.16"W (facing E)]
Approaching Sandy Cay
Zanshin I decks at Sandy Spit Zanshin I decks at Sandy Spit

[18°26'8.02"N 64°42'43.52"W (facing W)]
Zanshin I decks at Sandy Spit
Jost van Dyke mangroves Jost van Dyke mangroves

[18°27'10.07"N 64°43'43.43"W (facing W)]
Jost van Dyke mangroves
Foxy's Taboo Foxy's Taboo

[18°26'58.93"N 64°43'34.16"W (facing W)]
Foxy's Taboo
TTOL revelers Partying aboard "Namaste" a Jeanneau 54DS charter boat with a group of people that knew each other from the online forum TTOL.
TTOL revelers
Partying on Namaste Partying on Namaste
Partying on Namaste
Partying aboard Namaste Partying aboard Namaste
Partying aboard Namaste
Jeanneau 54DS cockpit More than enough room for 18 people.
Jeanneau 54DS cockpit

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