Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oohh, my head hurts this morning. Not enough food coupled with too much to drink at the bar at Foxy's last night make for a slow day's start for me. I saw that somehow diesel had gotten into the far reaches of the bilge and realized that a lot of cleaning was necessary so that the (a) the bilges weren't too nasty and (b) to get the diesel smell from the boat. I still have no idea how the technicians managed to get diesel into the main bilge, as the generator is in a sealed compartment...

Hanging with my head below my shoulders in the bilge didn't help my hangover much, but I realized that I had to get the job done. While the boards were up and the bilge drying out I went to the forward sail locker and got everything out in order to let that air as well, then cleaned up the locker as well. By now the headache was gone but it was too late in the day to get going so I'll stay at anchor here in Great Harbour one more night before continuing on my way.

My Lodestar dinghy is starting to come apart at the seam, literally, and I remembered that i had another inflatable dinghy in the sail locker, so I took that out of it's wrappings and inflated it on deck. This one was in even worse shape, every single one of the attachments was falling off, i.e. the painter, the glued-on lifelines, even the oar locks. The aft transom had separated so that it was falling off even without a person in the life raft After spending an hour debating how to fix it I realized I couldn't and towed it ashore in semi-inflated condition and then put the dead dinghy into the dumpster ashore.

Storm Jib on Zanshin I Storm Jib on Zanshin I
Storm Jib on Zanshin I
Foxy's BBQ firing up Great Harbour

[18°26'33.42"N 64°45'3.61"W (facing NE)]
Foxy's BBQ firing up
Alarife 100 Alarife 100
Alarife 100
Corsair's Bar, JVD Corsair's Bar, JVD

[18°26'43.03"N 64°45'3.77"W ]
Corsair's Bar, JVD

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