Friday, December 10, 2010

Today was a lazy day, at least as far sailing went. I'd crashed early the evening before and woke up early, at first enjoying a coffee on deck while just letting the day start around me. Many of the charter guests in the anchorage also started early and got going quickly and I realized that I was now on “Island Time” and in no particular hurry to go anywhere. After my second cuppa I decided to boil the eggs that I'd purchased (you can see how busy my day is going to be if that was one of my major decisions...), and after they'd boiled I used the water to make some poached eggs for breakfast - I remembered to add some vinegar and they turned out just perfect (remember, I'm a bachelor so my criteria for self-made food is somewhat lower than most) and I enjoyed them on deck while reading my book and occasionally watching boats depart the anchorage.

After breakfast I decided that I'd finally get rid of the layer of dust that had collected since I put the boat into storage and cleaned up the wooden walls and plastic ceiling coverings. Then I started doing an inventory and storing items into the bilge that I wouldn't need for a while and which a dose of salt-water might not destroy. Then I realized that the bilges were dirty and started cleaning them. The main bilge had some diesel in it, presumably from the technicians who had removed the generator (and forgotten to turn off the main fuel shutoff as well as block off the diesel return hose. I had most of the floorboards up at some time and cleaned, dried and then used pine-sol to clean up the bilge and storage areas below the bilge.

Then it was 18:00 and time for happy hour and to turn on the notebook and post some blog entries. I have some Chorizo left in the fridge which I'll cook on the BBQ and then head ashore for either Corsair's or Foxy's to see what is happening. I ended up going to Foxy's for the night and had a bit too much to drink, as I am nursing a bit of a hangover the next day as I write this.

Storage on Zanshin I This is the midship sole storage on Zanshin I, where I used most of the available nooks and crannies to store spare parts and other items for the big journey.
Storage on Zanshin I
Zanshin I storage Forward storage underneath the cabin sole. I used most of this space for storage of spares and other items - in this case the Fischer Panda genset spares, painting supplies, a bernzomatic gas flame and a drill kit
Zanshin I storage
Inventory port settee All of these cases and other items fit underneath and behind the settee.
Inventory port settee
Dinner at Foxy's Foxy's is known around the world and lots of people have left bits of clothing and other apparel to prove it. He was recently given the OBE by the queen herself and is now "Sir Foxy Callwood".

[18°26'40.01"N 64°44'55.68"W ]
Dinner at Foxy's
Nighttime at Foxy's Nighttime at Foxy's

[18°26'39.94"N 64°44'55.56"W ]
Nighttime at Foxy's

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