Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Today started off slow and remained so. It had rained on and off most the night and the morning was overcast. I was up and drinking coffee at 7am and it is now 10:30 and I still haven't moved or even thought about where I want to go today. I did clean up the galley a bit, work on the forward shower pump (it is moving but not pumping water out), and am about to head up and get the wind generator turning again, as the safety rope has wrapped around the blades and stopped it from moving.

I might just stay here for the day and night and perhaps dinghy over to Leverick Bay in order to to say hello to Nick and get some fresh groceries, as the steaks that I have been making for dinner are not really a complete meal and I need some healthy salad and other ingredients.

I tried to climb the wind generator mast but couldn't get up and use at least one hand to try to get rid of the rope, so I fashioned a step with some lashings (not pretty lashings but they worked - I'll have to re-read that chapter in The Complete Rigger's Apprentice (see Sailing Books) when it gets shipped here. But the wind generator is now working and putting out about 4 amps at 12V in the light winds today.

I headed across the North Sound in the dinghy and realized that it is time to get a new dinghy. The engine looks old but that is because I used an old cover on it to dissuade theft but the inflatable dinghy is starting to delaminate, the whole backboard is separating and I used the painter to tie it tight for the crossing. I will have to purchase a new dinghy in St. Martin when I go there. I met Walt from Blue Bayou at the Leverick Bay docks, but Nick was not around so I returned to the boat after getting potato's for the grill and some fresh salad.

Temp Windgen lashing I put up this temporary lashing on the wind generator pole mount so that I could climb up the pole and stand on this cross-bar in order to do some maintenance on the wind generator. It held - barely.
Temp Windgen lashing
D400 Wind generator working D400 Wind generator working
D400 Wind generator working
Walt and Blue Bayou Walt Boren (who deceased several weeks after this picture was taken) in front of his Dean catamaran named "Blue Bayou"
(2010-12-07 15:54:44 NIKON D7000 [f/6.3, 10/1600s] ISO 100)
[18°29'53.59"N 64°23'9.65"W (facing E)]
Walt and Blue Bayou
Wind Spirit Wind Spirit
Wind Spirit
Marinating the steak Preparing dinner on Zanshin I - Carib beer, steak in pepper and olive oil and a foil potato (already on the grill)
Marinating the steak
A good book and coffee An espresso, a classic science fiction book and, since 2010, reading glasses.
A good book and coffee
Wind Spirit Wind Spirit
Wind Spirit

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