Monday, December 06, 2010

The wind had died down completely overnight and the only sound was the occasional bumping of the buoy against the hull; the boat didn't seem to be moving at all. I made a eggs and bacon breakfast to go with the coffee and found out that the gas and smoke detectors not only work but are very, very loud. The one in the salon went off first and I finally removed it and put in on deck to cool down. But then the one in the aft cabin went off and I had to move it to a safer place. I promise, I didn't burn the bacon...

The day's sail was a great introduction back into sailing, with little waves (apart from when I went offshore to avoid tacking too often going north to Virgin Gorda). I had purchased 30 feet of synthetic floating dinghy line and, of course, it slipped and I lost the dinghy in the middle of the Sir Francis Drake Channel. It took some time and sweat to drop the sails, turn on the engine and motor back to pick up the dinghy. Luckily the new lines float so all I needed to do was pick up the end with a boat hook and I was ready to head off again.

I anchored off Prickly Pear island in the north sound just in time to see a nice sunset and a Sunsail charter boat anchored next to me and put up an anchor ball - that was the first time that I'd seen anyone apart from mega yachts put up a day shape (perhaps they saw mine and decided to emulate my good behaviour or they were a training class vessel and the instructor forced them to hoist the day shape).

Brekkie on board Despite setting of the smoke detectors all the time, I enjoyed the occasional hearty breakfast aboard - but hated washing up afterwards.
Brekkie on board
Bubbly as a present This was given to me by the grateful crew of the Moorings catamaran that had broken its mooring line the previous day while the crew was at the Willie T bar. I'd assisted in getting the drifting cat under power and hooked onto another mooring.
Bubbly as a present
Road Town from the sea Road Town is not only the capital city of the BVI, it really is the only city on the island. When those cruise ships disgorge their passengers on shore the population of the island goes up by a significant percentage.
Road Town from the sea
Wind Spirit I Wind Spirit I
Wind Spirit I
AIS on the chartplotter I love playing with the AIS system. In this case, after asking myself how long the Wind Spirit actually is.
AIS on the chartplotter
Sailing out of the North Sound This charter boat is heeling over while exiting the narrow channel of the North Sound on Virgin Gorda in the BVI.
Sailing out of the North Sound
Sunsail charter boat This is the only time I ever saw a charter boat in the BVI flying a correct day shape (the black ball means "I am at anchor").
Sunsail charter boat

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