Saturday, December 04, 2010

Today was sunny with no clouds at all, so I didn't do as much work above decks as I had planned, and I didn't do too much below decks, either. But towards the late afternoon I finally got around to cleaning the cockpit area, applying some teak cleaner and then a dilute solution of oxalic acid to bleach the teak. I then did the right-hand side of the decks as well, and tomorrow I'll take a picture to compare the treated and untreated sides. While I've not done as much preparatory work as I'd planned, I think I'll head out tomorrow around noon and do a short trip to The Bight on Norman island for a simple day sail and to get out of the marina. I can do the cleaning work later on when I head up to Leverick Bay.

Tonight is “gaming night” at Peg Legs and perhaps I'll wager something at the tables - the proceeds go to the local animal shelter so it is all in a good cause.
After showering and shaving I'd put on trainers and a T-Shirt and when I lined up at the “Casino” entrance I saw that everyone had changed to either real dinner clothing or at least collared shirts for the men and dresses for the ladies, so I turned around and walked to the other end of the dock and visited Mulligan's sports bar again. I was tired from working all day and it was going to be a short night in any case.

Nanny Cay docks Nanny Cay docks

[18°23'53.23"N 64°38'8.41"W (facing S)]
Nanny Cay docks
Sunset over Nanny Cay Looking at the warm sunset over St. John from my space on Zanshin I at Nanny Cay on Tortola in the BVI.

[18°23'51.11"N 64°38'9.48"W (facing SW)]
Sunset over Nanny Cay
Mulligans's at Nanny Cay This beach restaurant and bar on the inland side of Nanny Cay Marina in the BVI is more of a locals and ExPat hangout than for the marina guests. Their burgers are, in my opinion, the best on the island.
Mulligans's at Nanny Cay

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