Thursday, December 02, 2010

While the single picture doesn't show it, the day was a very busy one for me. I repaired / replaced a bilge pump, sorted out some electronics, did a bit of provisioning, visited some friends at the Moorings/Sunsail base in town, shopped at the chandlery, started cleaning the decks and put grommets into the bimini in preparation for putting that on. All that work and just a single, solitary and not very impressive picture to show for it.
That evening I went back to Mulligan's for a great cheeseburger and some Carib and saw that the TV was showing The Ashes but most of the crowd was watching a basketball game. It was 3 for 12 right at the outset for the Australians (meaning they already had 3 of their 10 outs and only 12 runs scored) so it looks like England might get to keep the ashes for a bit longer, although it is hard to tell for certain on day 1 of a 4 day test match.

Moorings base The main docks at the Moorings base in Road Town on Tortola, BVI. The operation merged with Sunsail and is quite impressive.

[18°25'37.49"N 64°36'52.78"W (facing W)]
Moorings base

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