Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Zanshin I was splashed again today, after sitting on the hard in the yard just a few feet away from her element. The new bottom paint job looks pretty, but I'll never see it since whenever the boat is heeled over enough for the bottom paint to show I'll be aboard and won't be looking. The batteries were once again very low after all those months in storage and I needed a jump start in order to get the engine started in the haul out pit. Docking was easier than I had feared, since Miles from the yard gave me an extra-wide slip so that I wouldn't damage anyone or anything while getting into my parking spot.
I only got splashed in the mid afternoon and spent the rest of daylight hours working on cleaning up below decks. I had had some work done on the generator and the crew had left a bit of a mess that needed sorting out. I still had a room at the hotel so didn't sleep aboard Zanshin I but had a king-size comfortable bed at the Nanny Cay hotel.

Ready to go back in the water Zanshin I on the hard with a fresh bottom-paint job and ready to go back into the water after having been stored on the hard all summer (and making it through hurricane Earl)
Ready to go back in the water
New bottom paint New bottom paint
New bottom paint
Zanshin I in the Travelift Zanshin I being transported from her spot in the yard to the haulout pit. The bottom paint is freshly applied.

[18°24'2.6"N 64°38'3.39"W (facing SW)]
Zanshin I in the Travelift

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