Sunday, May 23, 2010

Even though I am, for the most part, finished preparing Zanshin I for storage I did get up 6am and continued work. The power on the docks has gone out but there is no need for air conditioning yet so I am making progress putting the clothing and sheets back into the vacuum seal bags and once the fuel dock opens I will head over there to top off the tank and will then motor to Nanny Cay. It rained heavily all night, making my washing work deck side a bit superfluous but at least Zanshin I will be put away clean.
This is my second attempt at this page, after doing a lot of typing and picture editing in the previous attempt, the power failed at the hotel and I lost all my work. This time I'll make sure to frequently save my interim status!
As the power was out at the docks at Leverick, I left early and took on fuel at the Nanny Cay docks. I was greeted at the docks by Dieter, a fellow German and new owner of a Jeanneau 43DS named Pinta. We had communicated via e-mail numerous times, but this was the first time that we'd met. He assisted me in docking Zanshin I at a finger pier which was far too short for the boat length; I went in nose-first for the first time and really should have reset my fenders and backed in so that the boat had a solid grip on the finger pier, particularly with the wind direction being what it was. Dieter and I talked for a bit and then I went back to completing storage preparations; which included removing the top layer of batteries so that I could get at the 3 circuits which were attached directly to the batteries and not routed through the main breakers; I suspect that the drain from two of these (the third is the Link10 monitor) caused my batteries to be flat last time I returned. It was so hot down below decks that my T-shirt was soaked with enough water to let me wring it out in the sink; but I did get the work done.
I took an open cab to the airport and that was a mistake. The truck was old and dilapidated and so slow that once we were actually overtaken by a bicycle rider! He stopped infrequently to take on and let off locals for free and once again I felt unfairly treated when we arrived at the airport after about 9 miles and he charged me $36 for the honour. Ahh, it is time that taxi lobby in the BVI was broken and either decent fares or a bus service were implemented.
LIAT's flight was on-time and we only stopped in St. Martin and not St. Kitts & Nevis; and although the plane was filled to the last seat at St. Martin all of the passengers but 4 were transiting and thus the customs & immigration line was short with one person per inspector and even the luggage came through immediately. My luck ran out when I took one of my infamous short-cuts in the rental car but luckily the island is small and I had a half-tank of gas.

Leverick Bay signage Leverick Bay signage
Leverick Bay signage
Zanshin I at Leverick Zanshin I at Leverick

[18°29'53.32"N 64°23'9.43"W (facing NE)]
Zanshin I at Leverick
North Sound entrance The entrance rocks to the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the BVI on a calm day and not looking threatening at all.
North Sound entrance
Still waters Still waters
Still waters
No sails I've taken down the genoa and secured the mainsail for summer storage and am motoring back to Nanny Cay in the BVI on my final trip of the season.
No sails
BVI Cardinal Mark One of two cardinal marks that I saw in the BVI. This is off Beef Island and the two downward pointing cones mean that it is a "S"outh mark and that one needs to stay south of the mark and that the danger is to to the north. That danger is the shoal water bubbling in the picture.

[18°25'32.24"N 64°31'20.01"W (facing NW)]
BVI Cardinal Mark
Arriving at Nanny Cay The forest of masts is the yard, the entrance to the Nanny Cay channel is on the left of the picture.

[18°23'24.58"N 64°38'0.95"W (facing N)]
Arriving at Nanny Cay
A new Verb I didn't know this verb, but have added it to my vocabulary.

[18°25'37.61"N 64°37'6.73"W (facing NW)]
A new Verb
Final BVI libation Enjoying one final drink at D' Best Cup in Trellis Bay, BVI before departing for Europe.

[18°26'44.85"N 64°32'7.94"W (facing NE)]
Final BVI libation
Scrub Island under construction Taken just after takeoff from Beef Island in 2009, the construction process at Scrub Island can be seen to be underway.
Scrub Island under construction
Final approach St. Martin Final approach St. Martin

[18°2'21.36"N 63°7'19.82"W (facing N)]
Final approach St. Martin
The seas look calm The seas always look a lot calmer from 12000 feet.
The seas look calm

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