Friday, May 21, 2010

Another day in paradise, I slept well and long with hardly a hangover from my gambrinous condition of last night (perhaps the completely closed shades and running A/C helped). I got a late start but did good work below decks as I didn't want to go outside into the sun and heat at the docks until the mid or late afternoon when things cooled down a bit; although I did get the genoa sail down onto the deck during a lull in the wind - which picked up again just as I'd gotten the sail extended and was trying to pull it in; I was worried that it would fill and pull the boat into my dock side neighbour, the Grand Soleil 54, and mess up their deck painting work. Fortunately, one of them ran over to assist me and we quickly got the job finished.
Somewhat later I went outside to get the sail onto the dock and flake it and 3 people who were walking by on the docks came over to assist me and we made very short order of the work and I asked if they would accept the two bottles of extra dry sparkling wine that I still had in my fridge. They accepted on the condition that I assist them in drinking it so we headed over to their charter boat, the “Bonjour Matelot”, and proceeded to drink it. Somehow the afternoon went by quickly with Lisa, Michael and Phil and my reserve stocks of Stella Artois disappeared quickly. Several drinks and hours later, we all headed off on the Saba Rock ferry to have dinner there instead of participating in the big BBQ event at Leverick. Several people came by along the docks with whom we spoke and the sleek Grand Soleil went to the fuel dock but had a seized fuel cap which we attempted, with no success, to get open - it resisted both the magic effects of my PB-Blaster penetrating oil and the combined strength of 3 people and a long lever arm.

Caribbean Lunch Simple fare but oh so tasty in the tropical heat of the BVI.
Caribbean Lunch
Meteorology 101 This is my favorite weather reporting system and hangs at the end of the Dock at Leverick.
Meteorology 101
Elegant lines of a Grand Soleil The Grand Soleil 54 in the dock next to me is a beauty, with elegant lines, a very clean and unclutter ed flat deck and other nice features. The owner and his friend spent 2 full days preparing and cleaning the teak decks.
Elegant lines of a Grand Soleil
Leverick Docks The tallest mast at the dock is Zanshin I
Leverick Docks
Atlantica Atlantica
Telephone shower This Telephone booth at the end of the dock at Leverick Bay in the North Sound of Virgin Gorda in the BVI is in actuality a shower.
Telephone shower
Removing the Genoa Taking down the genoa sail in preparation for putting Zanshin I on the hard for the hurricane season. Outside work is easier to do at Leverick Bay as the breeze is cooler than at Nanny Cay.
Removing the Genoa
Sleek Grand Soleil 54 This beautiful new Grand Soleil 54 (which is Italian, despite the very French sounding name)
Sleek Grand Soleil 54
Lisa and Michael Lisa and Michael
Lisa and Michael
Saba Rock ferry The Saba Rock ferry takes guests to and from the restaurant and Leverick Bay and the Bitter End Yacht Club.
Saba Rock ferry

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