Monday, May 17, 2010

The winds had died down a bit during the night and Zanshin I lay broadside-on to what little waves made it past the reef and entrance to Falmouth Harbour, so the boat rolled around all night and in the morning. Apart from that, Björn's last day in the warmth of the tropics started off at a leisurely pace. While cleaning, the shower drain stopped emptying, but it wasn't the intake or outlet hoses clogged but it would seem that the pump is no longer working. The price tag at Antigua Budget Marine was over $400 so I will remove the old pump and see if it can be repaired before going to the expense of fitting a new one. Apart from that, the day was a slow one and Björn is now hopefully safely ensconced in a comfortable seat on the Condor flight back to Germany.
After I returned the rental car I booked my return flights to Europe and scheduled my haul out at Nanny Cay from the Mad Mongoose's free Wi-Fi internet connection then returned to the boat. I worked on splicing the new Dyneema lower lifelines and removed the pump and tried to repair it on the quick by cleaning the various parts. That, unfortunately, didn't work so I will have to do that at some later point in time.
For dinner I headed to the Mad Mongoose again and was surprised to see a “Happy hour all night, last night of the season, drink the bar dry” sign hung outside. The bar was relatively full and while I wanted to help in their efforts to drink the bar dry I faded rather quickly and was back aboard the boat by midnight. The other boats in my central section of Falmouth harbour had all departed and Zanshin I was the sole boat in the middle - almost unimaginable for those who know how crowded this place gets in the height of the season.

Falmouth departure Tall ships leaving Falmouth Harbour in Antigua and heading out on the long passage back to europe.
Falmouth departure
Mad Mongoose, Falmouth The cruiser's hangout - good food, cheap drinks and 24x7 free WiFi access with power plugs. A boatie's dream come true.

[17°0'43.24"N 61°46'8.67"W (facing E)]
Mad Mongoose, Falmouth
Broken pump Broken pump
Broken pump
Waiting for the rain to stop Sitting in the covered veranda at the Mad Mongoose in Falmouth Harbour, Antigua and waiting for the rain squalls to pass by so that I can get into my dinghy and motor across to Zanshin I without getting too wet.

[17°0'42.45"N 61°46'9.32"W (facing W)]
Waiting for the rain to stop

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