Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This day was a slow and relaxing one. I needed to replace the starter battery (the one buried at the bottom of my stack of batteries) and the two batteries up front for the bow thruster and windlass so we purchased those at Island Waterworld, then picked up my dive gear in Palapa and finally we got Björn's new glasses and that was pretty much it for the day. The afternoon was spent installing the gear and doing chores aboard the boat. By 6pm it was “Happy Hour” and Bruce came by for a couple of drinks before Björn and I headed up to Grand Case by car for dinner. The restaurant I chose was good, but not spectacular but it was a tasty meal nonetheless and by 11pm I was dead to the world in bed.

Palapa on St. Martin Palapa on St. Martin

[18°2'13.62"N 63°5'41.75"W (facing N)]
Palapa on St. Martin
Bjoern on Zanshin I Bjoern doing splicing on Zanshin I while anchored in Marigot in St. Martin.
Bjoern on Zanshin I
Galley knife rack The knife rack on Zanshin I is not only magnetic but has a teak bar screwed down tight to keep the knives from becoming airborne missiles while at sea.
Galley knife rack
Arnd on deck I'm getting the small lines untwisted that are used as lashings for the main lifelines. Even this small line has a tensile strength of over 100kg.
Arnd on deck

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