Monday, May 10, 2010

This was another shopping day, after breakfast at La Sucrière Bruce joined us and we drove around the shopping hot spots in air-conditioned comfort. From Doyle sails to Island Waterworld to Budget Marine and thence to Philipsburg to find an optician for Björn and to the electronics store there. Then back to Simpson Baie and the dive shop at Palapa (where I bought a new BCD and regulators) and from there all the way north to get coffee pods north of Grand Case. I still need to go back to Island Waterworld today to get the rest of the boat supplies but then I'm finished again and can stop wearing out the credit card, and hopefully move on to places where I can make some nice pictures and laze in the Caribbean sunshine.

Veranda at La Sucriere The covered veranda at La Sucriere is a great place to enjoy coffee and pastries and to use the high-speed WiFi connection (they also supply power outlets).

[18°4'0.7"N 63°5'11.56"W (facing NW)]
Veranda at La Sucriere
Bjoern on the phone Bjoern on the phone
Bjoern on the phone
Dyneema lifeline installation I'm using the calm weather to remove the old encapsulated steel lifelines and replacing them with Dyneema lines that I'd spliced together. The new lines are much stronger and lighter than steel, plus they don't rust.
Dyneema lifeline installation

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