Sunday, May 09, 2010

The passage is described in the previous day's entry and I'll make Sunday begin with our arrival in St. Martin.
Customs & Immigration were closed on Sunday so we couldn't officially clear into the country, but we didn't want to spend the day aboard the boat so ended up renting a car from my staple supplier, Keith's rental.
Since it was brutally hot outside with little breeze, we used the AC in the car to cool us as we drove around the island. Everything on the French side was closed but some stores on the Dutch side were still open, so I replaced my camera at an electronics store and we got some supplies at the Cash & Carry store as well as the supermarket before they closed for the day.
Back on the boat I did a bit of searching for the parts to start replacing my lifelines and began a shopping list for purchases at the chandleries.
Bruce on Sold the Farm was anchored next to us, so we got him over for early happy and then had dinner at La Bord du Mèr; I had their excellent pizza and Björn tried his first lobster which he seemed to enjoy despite the unaccustomed tools and heavy workload associated with separating the meat from the shell. By 10pm we'd finished dinner and I almost literally passed out immediately.

Orient Beach on St Martin Orient Beach on St Martin

[18°5'22.76"N 63°1'18.42"W (facing N)]
Orient Beach on St Martin
Bought The Farm in Marigot My friend Bruce on "Bought the Farm" anchored next to me in Marigot on St. Martin
Bought The Farm in Marigot
Fort St. Louis in Marigot Fort St. Louis in Marigot

[18°4'3.54"N 63°5'18.04"W (facing NE)]
Fort St. Louis in Marigot
Simpson's Bay lagoon Taken from the top of the hill overlooking both the Dutch and (distant) French sides of the island.

[18°1'57.75"N 63°4'29.76"W (facing W)]
Simpson's Bay lagoon

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