Thursday, May 06, 2010

This day was a great sailing day, with both wind and waves coming at just the right speed and direction to make for quick and exhilarating sailing. We shot between Jost van Dyke and the West End of Tortola at speed, had a short stop at Soper's Hole to pick up some food for the evening and then tack across the Sir Francis Drake channel to the Pelicans for a day of snorkeling and from there into the Bight for the night. I spent the afternoon doing some splicing work on lines and Björn took the dinghy for a spin around the Bight. The evening steaks off the grill were tasty and for a postprandial treat we went over to the Willy T's. The crowd was light but still entertaining, as was the music and we ended up being the last guests to leave at around midnight. It poured during the night and, unfortunately, my backup camera got a bit wet and has now deceased. These are the last pictures until I get to go shopping in St. Martin and, due mainly to the camera and rusty pot situation, I think that we'll depart for St. Martin tonight if the weather plays along.

Regatta in the channel Regatta in the channel
Regatta in the channel
Classic sailing yacht This classic yacht has a very long bowsprit going forward, giving a lot of separation between the genoa/jib and the inner sail. It looks like they aren't even using their inner sail but a separately hanked-on storm jib.
Classic sailing yacht
St. John sunset Another glorous sunset looking from the Bight on Norman Island in the BVI and onto St. John and the setting sun.

[18°19'6.79"N 64°37'3.01"W (facing W)]
St. John sunset
Whipping kit My whipping kit aboard the boat with tools for sail repair and whipping lines plus some splicing fids.
Whipping kit

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