Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It was another late start day, leaving the Prickly Pear anchorage at 11am in order to pick up badly needed emergency rations (Carib Beer) at Leverick Bay. After stocking up we had a comfortable downwind sail of 30 miles to Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke. As we had 2 people aboard, I finally decided to try out the spinnaker boom to pole out the genoa. This was almost a disaster, as I found out the hard way that the main shackle was spring loaded. Fortunately, I still have the finger and I'm optimistic that the wound I received will stop bleeding today and hopefully heal quickly. The upside is that I can now delegate the cleanup work to Björn; he's doing the breakfast dishes while I write this entry.
Arriving in Great Harbour at 6:00pm or so, we had dropped anchor when a gent aboard a boat behind us and to the side waved at us and shouted that we were over his anchor. Weighing anchor, we attempted to anchor again but it dragged but our third time was a charm. We headed out for drinks and dinner at Corsair's ashore. The pizza was awesome and we had too much to drink at the bar after our pizza. luckily, no hangover :D

Genoa repair Repairing the torn leech of Zanshin I's genoa after it fluttered on the passage back from St. Martin. The combination of sail tape and duct tape didn't hold up as well as I'd expected.
Genoa repair
Genoa Leech repair The leech line of the genoa repaired (temporarily) with strips of sail tape.
Genoa Leech repair
Bjoern repairing sails The leech line had torn free on the genoa, so we got the sail down in order to effect some repairs (using sail tape and duct tape).
Bjoern repairing sails
Messy lines I tend to throw the lines down the main companionway when sailing on Zanshin I and that can make a mess.
Messy lines
Spinnaker pole deployed Bjoern and I are working at getting the spinnaker pole with attached genoa poled out as far as possible.
Spinnaker pole deployed
Vinnie at Corsair's Vinnie, the proprietor of Corsair's bar on Jost van Dyke.

[18°26'43.14"N 64°45'3.59"W ]
Vinnie at Corsair's
Bjoern at Corsairs While the food and drink at Corsair's is always fun, the specialty of the house is Vinnie's Absinthe and Bjoern had just tried some of it.

[18°26'42.94"N 64°45'3.49"W ]
Bjoern at Corsairs
Corsair's bar at night I'm the one taking the picture but I can't remember who took the picture of me, nor can I recall what happened that evening.
Corsair's bar at night

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