Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The wind blew through Trellis all night and we had sustained winds of 20 knots. Going shopping ashore was easy, but getting back with a laden dinghy against the chop in the bay and against the wind was a very wet affair. We got going at noon and I decided that the North Sound offered protection if the winds were to pick up further and we prepared for a long uphill slog. The leech of the genoa is still torn, so I only had a small portion of the genoa to work with but it was sufficient to power us comfortably along at 4-6 knots and occasional periods of 7 knots. We had to tack several times but had only a slight angle of heel due to the lack of sail. We had a charter boat follow us and it almost caught up, but it tacked too early to make it through the channel entrance and thus we made it in before them with a comfortable margin. As the saying goes, two sailboats only race when they are in sight of each other.
Dinner at the Saba Rock bar was good but I think it is time to replenish the supplies of Carib beer aboard, as we managed to go through rather a lot.

Sailing the dogs The strong winds that day kept many in the harbours and anchorages. You can see that I've more than 3 reefs in the Genoa and the mainsail is also heavily reefed and I'm comfortably sailing along with not too much heel.

[18°29'44.61"N 64°26'25.72"W (facing N)]
Sailing the dogs
The Burning Man in Trellis This metal frame is stuffed with kindling and other wood and lit as part of the New Year's celebrations in Trellis Bay on Beef Island in the BVI.

[18°26'43.41"N 64°32'4.99"W (facing NE)]
The Burning Man in Trellis
In front ofAragorn's Aragorn's studio has items of art ranging from Rku pottery to T-Shirts and is a wonderful place to browse and shop. Most of my T-Shirts are from his studio, as is some of my artwork aboard.
In front ofAragorn's
Bjoern on Zanshin I Bjoern on Zanshin I

[18°26'38.8"N 64°28'26.54"W (facing SW)]
Bjoern on Zanshin I
Yacht Shalimar Yacht Shalimar
Yacht Shalimar
Bitter End Yacht Club houses These bungalows over the edge of the north shore of Virgin Gorda are part of the Bitter End Yacht Club.

[18°30'11.99"N 64°21'22.12"W (facing S)]
Bitter End Yacht Club houses
He probably can't read He probably can't read

[18°30'8.13"N 64°21'46.93"W ]
He probably can't read
Moorings at Saba Rock Moorings at Saba Rock
Moorings at Saba Rock

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