Monday, May 03, 2010

It was a wonderful day, I finally switched off and got into sailing mode. Since Björn is scheduled to arrive at 6pm I made a lazy day of it, starting late from the North Sound and sailing slowly down to The Baths (finally got a mooring ball) and after swimming and lazing around there I sailed downwind to Trellis Bay. Unlike last trip, I managed to start it off with a sunburn but hope that it will be limited to this one time. I had quite a few e-mails collected in my inbox upon connecting to the internet and, unfortunately, it seems that Björn's flight has been delayed due to a broken radio and he doesn't know if he'll make his flight to Tortola tonight.
Typically for both Condor airlines and LIAT, he arrived late - but atypically he did arrive with only a 2 hour delay on the flight that he did catch. At about 10:45 he touched down and cleared customs and immigration by quarter past 11 so all was well once he was able to get on “Island Time”

deep mainsail shape deep mainsail shape
deep mainsail shape
Heading for The Baths Sailing along the shoreline of Virgin Gorda and heading for "The Baths" in the distance.
Heading for The Baths
The Baths rocks Peculiar rock formations at The Baths on Virgin Gorda in the BVI. According to what I've read, geologists aren't quite sure how they formed as the shapes are unique to this one area.
[18°25'55.34"N 64°26'43.18"W (facing SE)]
The Baths rocks
This dinghy is falling apart After a couple of seasons in the heat and sun of the Caribbean, the Dutch LodeStar dinghy is quickly starting to fall apart. The glue is melting not only on the rubstrake but elsewhere as well.
This dinghy is falling apart
Sunburn! While I've gotten pretty good at protecting myself from the sun, I really messed up on this day and forgot to put on sunblock and to put on my shirt (the weather was cloudy, so I didn't notice the sun's effects). Ouch.

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