Sunday, May 02, 2010

At 4am the rains finally moved in, the first since I've returned to the BVI. All the hatches were open and it took a while to get them closed and take down my provisional LED lighting system which hadn't been waterproofed. Then I used dirty T-Shirts to sweep up the water below decks before going back to sleep. The rain showers continued all through the night and as I write this a 7:30am the hatches are still closed and rain is still coming down.
I departed at 10:00 and had a great first real sail, tacking 7 times all day but going over 30 miles to the North Sound. The wind started picking up as I got closer and bad things started happening. A sudden gust of wind blew my favourite Tilley hat overboard as I was tacking the boat and when I finished with the ropes and looked back I couldn't locate the hat anymore and knew that I'd have little chance of finding it by the time I got the sails down; I'd rescued the hat-overboard once before but that was when it was new and still had $50 tucked away in the brim.
I finally passed close enough to the small freighter on the rocks to get some good pictures, and subsequently got a lot of nice pictures of the Baths and boats around Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. But when I wanted to take a picture of the North Sound entrance I couldn't find the camera, it had disappeared with nary a trace and I can only assume that it is now lying at the bottom of the sea. Although I have a small camera along, the one I lost was a Sony DSC-N1 which fits in the underwater housing, so now I am left with no means of taking underwater pictures. Oh well, I'll have to go shopping in St. Martin to see if I can find a replacement camera.
Once in the Sound I motored to a mooring ball at Leverick Bay and took the dinghy ashore to see if the store was still open on Sunday afternoon it. It was, so I bought some spices, a frozen steak, and finally found some Carib beer which had been out of stock at the store in Nanny Cay. That night I had a wonderful steak on the grill with potatoes and onions - basic and simple fare but very tasty after a day of sailing.

Prickly Pear Island Prickly Pear Island

[18°30'26.29"N 64°22'24.71"W (facing NE)]
Prickly Pear Island
Where is the camera I know that I had placed my camera in this position, between the winch and the stoppers. I'd been going through some swell and was heeled over, so I assume that the camera slid down to the left and then bounced overboard.
Where is the camera
Prickly Pear Sand Box The Sand Box restaurant was, until 2011, usually closed unless a mini cruise ship was in the harbour, despite having an ideal location and wonderful sandy beach.

[18°30'19.77"N 64°22'36.6"W (facing SE)]
Prickly Pear Sand Box
Cockpit LED project I'm working at getting some bright LED lights installed under the Bimini in the cockpit ofZanshin I. The box to the left is a dimmer I put together that uses PWM (pulse width modulation) to save energy.
Cockpit LED project

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