Sunday, January 10, 2010

My final day in the BVI was a busy one, with lots of small tasks aboard Zanshin I to complete ranging from cleaning out and defrosting the fridge to cleaning the bilges and storing the dodger and bimini. I finished those tasks by noon and them put the boat into the Nanny Cay haul out pit so that Zanshin I could be hauled first thing on Monday morning. My flight was scheduled for 5pm, so I arranged to get to Beef Island airport at 3pm and (how could things be different with LIAT) the flight didn't leave until after 6pm. I had taken Carmen and Bernd's recommendation for the Halcyon Cove hotel in Antigua and was well pleased with that choice, the only problem was that the air conditioning in the room was turned on and the remote was missing so I couldn't turn it off or raise the freezing room temperature by any means other than opening the windows and patio doors..

Trellis Bay d'Best cup Enjoying a cup of fine coffee at d'Best cup in Trellis bay before walking the 100 yards back to the airport and catching my return flight to Europe.
[18°26'43.95"N 64°32'6.62"W (facing E)]
Trellis Bay d'Best cup
Aragorn's Studio Aragorn is the name of the artist who drives this studio and store. His T-Shirts are excellent and the rest of his artwork captures the island spirit.
[18°26'43.41"N 64°32'6.41"W (facing E)]
Aragorn's Studio
Canard aircraft at Beef Island This oddly formed aircraft caught my eye as I prepared to board my flight at Beef Island. It turns out to be a rare Piaggio P180 Avanti.
[18°26'41.73"N 64°32'14.47"W (facing N)]
Canard aircraft at Beef Island
Scrub Island construction Construction ongoing in 2010 for the facility and resort on Scrub Island in the BVI
[18°27'38.89"N 64°31'7.52"W (facing NW)]
Scrub Island construction
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