Saturday, January 9, 2010

I had reserved a slip at Nanny Cay the day before via VHF but didn't think I needed all that much time to prepare Zanshin I for storage, so I had a long stay at my mooring in The Bight and then sailed to the Indians in order to get a final swim and snorkeling round done. There was a pretty powerful current running as well as a bit of breaking wave action, but the last swim was a nice one. After the swim I made lunch from the remains in my fridge and found that it was still far too early to get a slip, so I set the sails and went to Cooper Island doing 8 knots in perfect conditions, but when I turned around to head to Nanny Cay I had a following wind and my speed dropped down to 4-5 knots but I was in no hurry to get to the dock and begin my final preparations for departure.
Once at the dock the work began in earnest. I hooked the boat up to shore power and fired up the air conditioner and alternated inside work to cool down with outside work to warm up. It took a couple of hours and well into the dark to get everything tidy and stored and prepared for my imminent departure.

[18°19'54.4"N 64°37'42.7"W ]

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