Friday, January 1, 2010

Surf off Virgin Gorda The surf hitting the rocks protecting the entrance to the North Sound. The channel is rather narrow but well-marked and I am always astounded that large ships, such as the liner in the background, can make it through.

[18°31'7.53"N 64°23'22.33"W (facing SE)]
Surf off Virgin Gorda
North Sound exodus Since the North Sound is a good stepping stone for the jaunt up to Anegada and it is best to enter the channel there in good light, there is usally a mass exodus of sailboats heading north in the morning hours.

[18°30'17.72"N 64°22'51.28"W (facing N)]
North Sound exodus
The first day of the New Year started early at 7am. While I'm not the sort to make numerous resolutions I do have a couple that I intend to keep and one of them is to not sleep in too much anymore. I waited before leaving, both because nobody had collected the mooring fees for the night before, and because the wind was still strong and there was little room to manoeuvre and I hoped for the wind to lessen or at least change direction. In the end it wasn't so bad getting out (but still tight) and once outside of Marina Cay the wind was steady at 23 knots so I put 4 reefs in the mainsail and 3 in the genoa and still made 7 knots with little heel going to the Baths. The red flags were up again so I changed direction and sailed all the way up and into the North Sound.
I had dinner at Saba Rock, which was very busy with several big power boats from Puerto Rico or the USVI tied up at the dock and lots of guests in the main dining room. The wind settled and the moon in it's full phase was beautiful to behold.

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