Thursday, December 31, 2009

Carmen and Bernd Departing Carmen and Bernd taking off after a week in the BVI aboard Zanshin I. This was on New Year's Day, which made for cheap tickets for them but they missed the evening's celebrations on shore.

[18°26'50.4"N 64°31'53.15"W (facing W)]
Carmen and Bernd Departing
Carmen and Bernd had a 8:25 flight out so they got up quite early and woke me up at about 6:30. They had already showered off the back of the boat and put all of their luggage into plastic garbage bags, as the wind was still very high and rain occasionally sprinkled through the anchorage. We made it to land dry at 7am and walked to the airport only to have them informed that their flight had been cancelled due to “maintenance” issues. It took a bit to get things sorted out but they were given a 7:45 Cape Air flight (see the picture of their actual takeoff above) through Puerto Rico and continuing on to their connection Condor flight back to Germany in the Dominican Republic.
The weather forecast for today shows no change, so issuing in the New Year tonight will be a rainy and windy affair.
Most of the day was spent cleaning up and using the welcome cool weather to use the magical Never-Dull wadding to get rid of surface rust on the stainless steel deck hardware. The aft cabin is ready for the next visitor and all I need to do now is do the laundry in order to have clean bedclothes and towels.

The party ashore was indeed a windy one, but it was impressive when the full moon finally made an appearance through the broken cloud layer and the New Year was ushered in with music, applause and fireworks. I took only enough money ashore to buy the coupons which, in turn, could be exchanged for food and beverages and didn't take the camera along so have no pictures.

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