Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Carmen choosing pots Since she is a much better cook than I, she did spend a lot of time in the galley and here she's inspection my (meagre) collection of cookware.
Carmen choosing pots
SpagBo and hamburger I learned the term "SpagBo" in the UK, it seems to be a bachelor's staple meal. I had the hamburger patties frozen so they were in the kitchen thawing out prior to making a tasty dinner.
SpagBo and hamburger
We weighed anchor at about 8:30 after a swim and were going to snorkel at the Dogs, but the mooring ball that we found was very close to the rocks and the boat was in danger of being back winded, so we released the mooring ball and opted to head into Trellis Bay since the clouds were building as was the wind. We got into Trellis at about 10am and, in retrospect, that was a good thing since we found a mooring ball close to The Last Resort and soon thereafter there were none left. After walking around ashore for a bit and having lunch at the Cyber Café (tasty, but $50 for 3 sandwiches, one of which was a veggie, and soft drinks seems a bit steep) we went back to the boat and then the rains set in. It was was entertaining to watch the boats race in and circle around looking for a mooring - as if one would “magically” appear in the rain on the day before New Year's in the late afternoon! We had running bets about which ones might collide, which ones would run over the reef and which ones would have other problems. We watched 2 charter boats “steal” reserved moorings - but so far the real owners have not shown up, but it is 6:30 and early yet.
Although we made reservations for The Loose Mongoose the rain and wind picked up, so Carmen made excellent spaghetti Bolognese from what we had left in the fridge and we called it an early night. The wind picked up even more overnight and it was quite stormy.
Carmen steering Zanshin I Carmen taking the wheel on the last day on board before she and Bernd departed and returned to cold Germany. The winds were light on this day, but manually steering the boat was more fun than letting the autopilot do the work.
Carmen steering Zanshin I
BVI Customs on the prowl The BVI Customs boat prowling around the anchorage, most likely looking for U.S. boats that come in for a day but don't bother clearing in or out.

[18°26'50.31"N 64°31'54.18"W (facing E)]
BVI Customs on the prowl

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