Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Caribbean Princess These behemoths are just incredible to me. I look at them and part of me fails to understand why they stay upright and another part of me wonders how they could possibly move or be held to a dock with those flimsy looking hawsers.

[18°25'14.23"N 64°36'29.72"W (facing W)]
Caribbean Princess
After e-mailing and using Skype calls with Richard Vass he arranged for us to get a temporary dock space at Mooring since most of their fleet has finally left on charter we motored down to Road Town and took the T-dock (which we shouldn't have, but they let us anyway) and proceeded to look at several Catamarans. It was hot and windless so the water we brought along didn't last very long. We also went aboard a brand new Moorings 384 Cat that had just arrived from South Africa and I must admit that I was quite impressed with the amount of space in the boat and how it was laid out; I can envision myself going over to the “dark side” some day. After the visits and subsequent lunch we planned on going to Great Harbour on Peter Island but by the time we got close it was obvious that quite a few other boats had come to the same decision. Assuming (correctly, as it turned out) that Cooper would be the same we motor sailed to the North Sound and Carmen and Bernd got their first night trip with entry to the channel and subsequent anchoring in the dark off Prickly Pear. Once again Carmen made some fantastic bread and we grilled awesome steaks and lamb that they'd procured at Riteway while I had gone off to the chandlery.
Carmen Relaxing The cockpit area on Zanshin I is very large and a great place to kick back and relax.

[18°24'35.09"N 64°29'39.15"W (facing W)]
Carmen Relaxing
Arnd hoisted up the mast Here I'm being lowered down the mast by Bernd and Carmen after having given up my climbing aspirations. I had used some caving ascenders and descenders but was exhausted within a couple of feet as the blue spinnaker line I was using for the ascent was thicker than the maximum allowed by the ascenders and thus the system just didn't work.
Arnd hoisted up the mast
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