Monday, December 28, 2009

We woke up quite early and, after the obligatory coffee from the espresso machine, went to snorkel at Cistern Point and had a wonderful swim around the point in clear water and with great light. After the swim we wanted to head into Road Town in order to view some of the Moorings and Sunsail catamarans, but on the way we got a call from from Richard Vass, the Sunsail/Mooring broker (he called my Iridium from his cell - probably a rather pricey call) and rescheduled to the next day; so we opted to head into Nanny Cay for the night. Just as we were entering the channel we realized that a new powerboat was drifting into the rocks and that they were waving at us. Bernd got in the dinghy and headed over help him while Carmen and I waited in Zanshin I. After several minutes another dinghy with a dock master from Nanny Cay came out and the two of them managed to get the powerboat off the rocks and onto “A” dock at the head. Afterwards it turned out that the main power had cut out just as they were leaving and shut down the engine at the most inopportune moment.
We opted to head down to Mulligan's for dinner instead of going into Peg Legs at Nanny Cay and had a tasty dinner before retiring for an early night.

Turtle at Cooper Island snorkeling,turtle,BVI,Cooper Island

[18°22'49.12"N 64°30'57.46"W ]
Turtle at Cooper Island
Carmen and Bernd at Cooper Departing Cooper Island in the BVI in the morning. I did a Tom Sawyer and let Carmen and Bernd do all the work that day.

[18°23'8.43"N 64°30'50.7"W ]
Carmen and Bernd at Cooper
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