Sunday, December 27, 2009

Rainy day at Cooper Island The rain was really pelting down and even the dodger and bimini weren't giving sufficient protection, but down below the humidity and heat was stifling.

[18°23'8.43"N 64°30'50.7"W ]
Rainy day at Cooper Island
Rainfall at Cooper Island The rain was coming down hard enough to beat the surface of the sea flat.

[18°23'8.27"N 64°30'49.41"W (facing S)]
Rainfall at Cooper Island
We departed Leverick Bay after stocking up on Carib beers and headed out to Cooper Island and were fortunate to get a mooring ball close in to the Sail Caribbean Divers dock and soon after we'd tied up, but before we got ready to snorkel low scud moved in and the sunlight went away, so we chose to go snorkeling the next day and just watched boats go by and the rain front come in. We made some awesome bread and grilled burgers for dinner and called it an early night.




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