Friday, December 25, 2009

Froli mattress springs Here I've started doing the construction of the Froli spring system underneath the foam mattress on Zanshin I.
Froli mattress springs
Froli mattress springs Closeup of the Froli system on Zanshin I. After I installed these springs, the bed cushion felt like a real mattress.
Froli mattress springs
Today was a slow day, with weather not conducive to sailing of any sort we stayed at anchor and performed some chores aboard the boat. Carmen and Bernd found that the aft head wasn't flushing correctly, so we proceeded to get out the spare maintenance kit for the toilet and take it apart. It turns out that cleaning and reinstallation was enough to get it working again. I went ahead and put the Froli bed together - that was like a little Lego set and I ran out of pieces before I finished so had to re-align and re-space everything, but in the end it worked out well and I'll find out tonight if it makes a difference in comfort.
We went ashore for dinner at Saba Rock and their buffet was excellent and was a great value.
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