Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sunrise at Leverick I'm rarely up at sunrise but this morning I was and caught a wonderful sunrise, which didn't translate to this digital image.

[18°29'52.36"N 64°23'9.18"W (facing E)]
Sunrise at Leverick
Carmen and Bernd arriving BVI My friends Carmen and Bernd arriving at Beef Island Airport after a long trip from Germany (including cancelled flights and an unwanted overnight stay). Luckily, it is just a 100 yards from customs to the dinghy dock at Trellis Bay.

[18°26'40.57"N 64°32'13.81"W (facing NW)]
Carmen and Bernd arriving BVI
I woke up at 6:30 this morning and am drinking my first coffee and eating a Müsli Bar. In a couple of minutes I'll clean up the rest of the laundry from yesterday and make ready to leave the dock. The batteries aren't charged up, since the power went off to the docks early yesterday evening, but since there is no wind to speak of and I have a schedule to keep today I will most likely be motoring so that should get the batteries recharged quickly. I won't make the same mistake as yesterday and run over my dinghy painter (small chance of that happening, as I no longer have more than a couple of feet of rope anyway...). Dinner at Leverick Bay Jumbies Bar was good, I had their Sirloin burger with salad and enjoyed talking to some of the other guests at the bar. By 10pm they were shutting down and I was back aboard and barely able to stay awake.

The Soggy Dollar bar The renowned Soggy Dollar bar, home of the infamous Painkiller

[18°26'35.15"N 64°45'50.76"W (facing NE)]
The Soggy Dollar bar
Soggy Dollar ring game This deceptively simple game consists of trying to get the ring to get caught in the hook on the tree. The more one drinks, the more fun (and difficult) the game gets.

[18°26'34.85"N 64°45'50.34"W (facing NW)]
Soggy Dollar ring game
Carmen and Bernd's LIAT flight from Antigua was scheduled to arrive at 11:10 and, unexpected and perhaps unprecedented , it arrived on time. By 12 noon they were aboard Zanshin I we set off for Monkey Point for some snorkeling. Unfortunately the heavy north swell made that spot not only somewhat uncomfortable but reduced the water visibility to zero, so we headed for Cane Garden Bay, but after taking a mooring ball there it turned out that the north swell made that rather uncomfortable as well, so we made one last leg to Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke. I took them to the Soggy Dollar Bar for a painkiller and for dinner we did the obligatory visit to Foxy's.
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