Sunday, December 20, 2009

Seewolfi at anchor This ketch is owned by fellow German and I crossed their paths several times in the islands
Seewolfi at anchor
I spent a miserable night alone with my cold. The blocked up nose and stuffy headache were bad enough, but being alternately hot and hotter and not being able to sleep was worse; then trying not to cough because that would exacerbate the headache. Right now I am feeling better but debating going into Road Town and getting some medications at the pharmacy. Hopefully the congestion will clear up in the next few days as my two German guests, Carmen and Bernd, are coming expressly to dive and I want to join them.
I think I will head off to The Bight this evening, but I may stop in at Soper's hole for some provisions (medicinal beer supplies are running low) and to see if they have a cold medicine section. I would leave now, but the Sunsail Jeanneau 37 is still anchored over my chain and since it took them almost an hour to get anchored yesterday I'll give them a bit of time to see if they look like they are preparing to leave.
They left at 09:30 so I followed them, motoring half the way because it was directly into the wind, then sailed once in the Sir Francis Drake Channel and arrived at the Pelicans to find that all the national park moorings were taken, so I went straight to The Bight on Norman island and, after taking a mooring ball, took the dinghy to the Caves and went for a bit of a snorkel. I tried diving down about 3 feet to get a close up picture of some fish and the blocked up sinuses became quite painful; diving is certainly out for a while.
Deliverance is a delivery service for groceries, alcohol and other goods and also picks up garbage. I got a baguette and some butter from them (paid $10 for the two items) but am going to grill up a steak with some fresh garlic bread on the “barbie” tonight. It won't come close to being as good as that which my mother cooks, but will hopefully satisfy my appetite tonight.

Yacht Shots at work This is the dinghy that YachtShots cruises around in, taking excellent pictures of yachts and posting thumbnails on their website. One can then peruse the pictures and choose which ones one would like. All in all an excellent system and I've bought their pictures before, mainly for posting with the boat when I opted to sell.

[18°21'26.26"N 64°38'46.06"W (facing NW)]
Yacht Shots at work
The Caves, Norman Island This was taken inside the larger of the caves that are located just around the corner from "The Bight" on Norman Island in the BVI.

[18°18'54.6"N 64°37'25.26"W (facing SE)]
The Caves, Norman Island
The Bight on Norman Island The anchorage in "The Bight" on Norman Island fills up quickly with charter boat and there are very few places to anchor as the mooring balls are located everywhere where the water is less than 60 feet deep.

[18°19'5.31"N 64°37'0.99"W (facing E)]
The Bight on Norman Island
Frolicking in the Bight These guys were having a blast using their spinnaker line for swinging off the boat and diving into the waters of the Bight at Norman Island in the BVI.

[18°19'2.25"N 64°37'0.83"W (facing SE)]
Frolicking in the Bight
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