Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bluff at Great Camanoe The steep blufss at Great Camanoe island in the BVI makes for some great pictures when waves are right, but is not a very nice shoreline to have to leeward.
[18°29'52.96"N 64°32'17.51"W (facing S)]
Bluff at Great Camanoe
Sandy Cay turtle Sandy Cay turtle
[18°26'9.07"N 64°42'42.86"W ]
Sandy Cay turtle
Today was a much better sail than the clouds and heavy surf off the North Sound presaged. After clearing the North Sound channel I had both sails up and averaged over 7 knots on a single heading. Occasionally really big Atlantic swells would come by from the north, but they were spaced so far apart as to almost not be noticeable. Only when I looked at land and it suddenly disappeared as Zanshin I went into the trough did the size of the waves become apparent.

Scuba on Jost van Dyke Scuba on Jost van Dyke
[18°26'42.71"N 64°45'5.12"W (facing N)]
Scuba on Jost van Dyke
Beach at Jost van Dyke Looking into the anchorage at Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke in the BVI.Zanshin I is in the centre foreground.
[18°26'42.56"N 64°45'6.58"W (facing S)]
Beach at Jost van Dyke
I stopped at Sandy Cay to take a break but just when I was about to drop the anchor did it become clear to me why only one other boat was there - the heavy swell made staying there uncomfortable and landing a dinghy ashore impossible. So I raised the mainsail and slowly headed to Great Harbour on Jost van Dyke.

They finally installed some mooring balls, but they were almost all taken and I prefer to anchor in any case and spend the $25 mooring ball fee ashore at the bar or restaurant. I put out 100 feet and then settled back to read and await the exciting times after 4pm when the charter boats all arrive and anchoring antics begin. I am sure that more than one marriage has come apart while couples try to anchor here - it would be funny if the people wouldn't get so angry while doing it. This time a German boat anchored next to me, less then 50 feet away but I'll put out fenders tonight if it looks like a wind change will bring us too close. Other boats had 2-5 attempts but they are all now safely attached to the sea bottom.

I just came back from a great pizza at Corsair's with Vinny in residence and even the blocked up nose and headache from my cold don't seem so bad anymore. All I need to do is plug in the coffee machine for a postprandial espresso and I'll be absolutely content.


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