Thursday, December 17, 2009

BVI North Sound Looking from my favorite anchoring spot of Saba Rock and Prickly Pear island in the BVI one can see the dock at Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda in the distance.

[18°30'9.74"N 64°21'38.36"W (facing W)]
BVI North Sound
Goats on Prickly Pear Goats on Prickly Pear

[18°30'8.35"N 64°21'45.7"W (facing NW)]
Goats on Prickly Pear
The pictures above were just taken now, showing some of the views from the boat. The fourth direction has a big catamaran ruining the view to the Bitter End Resort so I didn't include that one. The anchorage between Saba and Prickly Pear has another advantage that I had neglected to mention, the current between the two is quite strong and is parallel to the wind so the boat does not swing around at anchor at all and even in strong winds sits steady and I think that this helps me sleep very well. Unfortunately, I seem to have caught a bit of a cold and the symptoms have been developing slowly over the past two days but have made themselves noticeable today. I didn't have much energy to go anywhere so converted the 2 aft cabins to one big one for my upcoming visitors. The Jeanneau manual has a picture of how to stow the panels underneath the bunk but I unscrewed a lot of wooden parts of the aft and forward bunks looking for anything like that in the pictures, to no avail. It turns out that the picture is for a boat configuration that I don't have. I made do by shifting around other things, but a job that should have taken 30 minutes took a couple of hours. I did find some parts of the boat that I hadn't looked into before, though.
During one break on deck I thought to myself that I was hearing strange noises for a boat - then I looked ashore and saw some wild goats foraging on the beach. I have no idea how they find sufficient drinking water on that small island, but goats are notoriously tough creatures and must somehow make do.
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