Monday, December 14, 2009

Fischer-Panda generator The new exhaust elbow is sitting on top of the generator, still in it's plastic wrapping.
Fischer-Panda generator
I installed the Hella fan in the forward cabin yesterday and it makes a huge difference, while putting out more air it is almost completely silent! I've been using a paid-for wireless connection that, while it connect with 5 bars, is very slow and I've spent much of the morning trying to delete files on this web site. It is currently 10:30 and the technician for the Fischer Panda should be arriving soon as he's already a half-hour late but that is probably acceptable as we are on island time.
11:45 update. No technician yet. 12:15 Still nobody. I sent an e-mail to Electec shortly before noon, then just after 13:00 I get a response telling me that the technician is sick and they don't know who they can can and for when (but it won't be today!). I'm really irritated, I hate being jerked around like this. They will get back to me later in the afternoon with information on when the work can be done. The generator is partially taken apart and I don't know if it is seaworthy in this state, otherwise I would sail to the BVI and get the work done there.

Well, got a mail from Electec. No technicians available to pull of other jobs tomorrow so I am S.O.L. and somehow they don't sound really sorry about it. Instead of having spent a week in St. Martin getting things done, I've now completely wasted a whole week of vacation here. I am going to check out now and do a night passage to the BVI. Perhaps I can find a company there to do the work for me, as I'm not interested in doing further business with Electec at this point in time.

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