Sunday, December 13, 2009

07:30 on Sunday morning. The freezer is working, but it took a while to cool down (about 20l of water plus the steaks) and this morning I see that the system used about 80Ah overnight. I will have to see about finding the compressor for the freezer and activating the variable speed control to see if I can save some energy that way. I ran the engine yesterday for a hour and put back about 70 amps so if this continues I will have to do that daily in order to balance my energy consumption. I just went topsides and took a picture to the right of the dock and the left of some of the big boats at the marina, see the picture of the chart plotter screen below to get my exact position.

I managed to find the second compressor for the freezer and hooked up the smart speed controller. The freezer runs at setting 5 out of 6 even though I didn't think that I'd turned it down too low. I am going to have to ask about that, perhaps there is something wrong with the system after all.

I managed to get lots of small things done but somehow there seems to be just as much work left to do. I got a line up the port spreader side (for my German flag), then cut, sealed, whipped and mounted the outhaul line. Inside I cleaned up the bilges and worked with “Naval Jelly” to try to get rid of the rust in the sink, then installed one dual-speed Hella fan in my cabin. Tomorrow will be a long day, I think - the generator is to be repaired and that is not going to be easy, but miracles can happen anywhere and at any time so there is a small chance that things will go quickly, easily and without a hitch.

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