Thursday, December 10, 2009

Laundromat in St. Martin The now-defunct laundry right at the French bridge in St. Martin. Note all the books - throughout the Caribbean it is tough to find a Barnes & Noble or similar type bookstore but most bar and stores like this have books for trade on a 1-1 basis.

[18°3'39.44"N 63°5'43"W (facing SW)]
Laundromat in St. Martin
Zanshin I autopilot This was worth a picture because, for a very long time, I had absolutely no idea where the autopilot control unit was actually located in the boat. I found it behind a wooden panel in the aft cabin while I was running wires for the anchor remote.
Zanshin I autopilot
I got an early night last night after a light but very tasty dinner of a large Salade au Chèvre and just one Leffe and it is 07:30 and I've been up for a while. I think I'll go ashore soon and get started on my last day's shopping and provisioning and then return the rental car and perhaps sail up to Grand Case so that I can partake of their beaches and fine dining tonight.
I bought a GPS attachment for the aft rail, part of which I promptly dropped overboard during an attempt at installation; I'll dive tomorrow morning but am not sanguine about finding anything so I might have to buy a second. I spent 2 hours trying to pull the new GPS cable from the aft section to the navigation station, but finally succeeded and hope to have the AIS installation complete tomorrow. Apart from that I got new signage for Zanshin I including the 2 Kanji to replace the bear paws currently adorning the rear of the boat, then filled up the Camping-Gaz containers and made the mistake of visiting the refrigeration experts and walked out with a $150 device to optimize my refrigeration unit. That should be easy to install since it is only 5 or 6 wires to the back of the unit. One advantage of opening things up for the GPS cable is that I finally found the controller unit for my autopilot behind the aft rear port side cabin's closet panelling. Anyway, I'm beat from crawling around the aft lazarette locker in the heat so won't wander far tonight for dinner.
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