Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Zanshin I name affixed I had the lettering for the name made up ashore and this shows what the new vinyl lettering looks like.

[18°4'4.04"N 63°5'17.81"W (facing E)]
Zanshin I name affixed
Today was not the best of days. There were power failures on both sides of the island and for some reason that killed traffic and I spent ages in the car (albeit with the A/C running and the radio blasting away). At the computer store they told me that the battery I had ordered for my Sony notebook wouldn't arrive today as expected, and not be deliverable before Christmas, so I had to cancel that. Then, just at closing time I found out from Audrey at Electec that there was a a SNAFU and my part hadn't been air shipped via FedEx but had been put in a container for delivery sometime in the far future. They had gotten it out of the shipment, but now I'll be very lucky if it arrives on Friday in time to get installed (yeah, as if I am going to plan on that!) so with my luck nothing will happen until Monday and I really don't want to remain here that long. I'll find out more tomorrow - but I am running my main engine right now for an hour to charge up the batteries a bit (the alternator puts out 50A at 1000RPM which isn't too bad). The only thing that did work out well today was that the lettering for the boat was completed. Unfortunately, I had ordered one large set for the back and two identical smaller sets for the boom; but the big letters were far too big so I used one of the smaller sets and to make things worse I mangled the job and the lettering still has lots of bubbles.
Last night I tripped on the nonskid steps and bruised my right foot, it swelled up today and I have a feeling I might have pulled a tendon. I will need to sandpaper or replace the nonskid on the steps!
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