Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Magma grill I can't wait to put the first burger or steak on this new gas grill by Magma.

[18°4'1.93"N 63°5'14.97"W (facing NW)]
New Magma grill
Cost-U-Less in St. Martin This is one of the places where one tends to see sailors. The others are bars and chandleries. This is similar to a CostCo in that the prices are good but one needs to buy in bulk, but for those sailing further south this is one of the last places where supplies are plentiful and cheap.

[18°2'6.56"N 63°3'48.03"W (facing E)]
Cost-U-Less in St. Martin
Today was another busy day of shopping for boat parts. I dropped a small fortune for the AIS Class B Transponder, a new HP Notebook, running rigging, and various small parts for the boat. I wanted to get new dive equipment but balked at the price tag there, but I might just get the BCD vest there first and buy the rest of the things in smaller stages. They had new coffee machines from Nespresso that also make the foamed milk for Cappuccino but I managed to stop myself from buying that as well. I did install the new Magma BBQ grill and move the support plate for the dinghy to a better position.

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