Monday, December 7, 2009

Ile Fourchue off St. Barths The uninhabited island of Ile Forchue is part of the St. Barths national parks and only has the one anchorage, with those boats at anchor, and it can get rather uncomfortable in some wind and wave conditions.

[17°57'5.04"N 62°54'40.82"W (facing NE)]
Ile Fourchue off St. Barths
Grand Case, St. Martin Sailing past Grand Case on my way east and then south to St. Barths.

[18°7'17.85"N 63°3'14.91"W (facing S)]
Grand Case, St. Martin
A quick 3.5 hour passage from St. Barths to St. Martin and I am once again anchored right off the ferry terminal in Marigot. Customs and Immigration is closed for lunch until 14:00 so I have another 45 minutes to spend at this café catching up on my mails and other internet stuff. The checking was quick, I am getting better at using the French keyboard and know the page layout off by heart. I rented a car from Keith's Car Rental (again) and found out that my part won't arrive until Wednesday and get installed on Thursday. I bought a gas-driven barbecue at Budget Marine and tomorrow is going to be an expen$ive day as I'll return to the chandleries with a shopping list in hand. Traffic on the island, particularly on the one road connecting the French and Dutch sides at the lagoon, is just as crowded as I remembered it and at rush hour it can compete with the best of the world's big cities.
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