Sunday, December 6, 2009

Pilar Rossi off Marigot Pilar Rossi off Marigot

[17°54'8.36"N 62°51'31.49"W (facing NW)]
Pilar Rossi off Marigot
Pilar Rossi at St. Barths This is a strange looking trimaran is more of a mono than a tri

[17°54'15.34"N 62°51'33.65"W (facing SW)]
Pilar Rossi at St. Barths
The day began at 7am after another rough night at anchor, this time because the swell worked its way around the bay and the wind shifted enough so that the boat was lying partially beam-to the wind and occasionally rolled enough to be uncomfortable in a big bed. Even after making coffee and working on the computer, the Link10 shows that I only used 30Amps over 24 hours, I'm getting much better at managing electrical energy and the strong wind has done a lot to replenish the energy used. I motored into Gustavia again, both to replenish the batteries and to check out of St. Barths prior to heading to St. Martin tomorrow morning. I passed a very large and cool looking trimaran called Pilar Rossi again and finally got some good pictures.

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