Friday, December 4, 2009

Looking down at Gustavia Looking down from the top of the hill into the Gustavia harbour in St. Barths. We'd walked all the way to see the fort, but it has been turned into a police station and was closed to the public.

[17°53'47.56"N 62°51'11.03"W (facing NE)]
Looking down at Gustavia
I'm sitting in a Café having a Mille-feuille and a good coffee as I write this, luckily they let me use a power plug as my Sony notebook's battery is dead; unfortunately there is no Wi-Fi access here but I'll catch up on my posts when I get to St. Martin as the Iridium phone is incredibly slow; I had about 250Kb of incoming mails and responded with 2 short 1-liners and it took almost an hour! I am really dissatisfied with Iridium for data connections. I motored from Gustavia to the anchorage of Colombier just around the bend, as it was too short a distance to warrant raising the sails and I needed to charge my batteries in any case. I made one quick attempt at picking up a mooring, but they have no pennant so I went straight to anchoring and spent the day doing minor cleaning work in the shade of the bimini and finally took a picture of the life raft for these pages. The wind picked up towards dusk so my plan of firing up the barbecue and making a steak will have to postponed until tomorrow. I have some frankfurters left for tonight.
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