Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I finally made away from the dock and cut the virtual umbilical cord. My first small passage was from Jolly harbour to the anchorage at Nevis, a trip that took from 11a.m. to 17:30 in mild winds and some uncomfortable swells from almost directly aft. I used only the mainsail and tied that down with a preventer to keep the boom from snapping back and forth with the swell. An hour into the trip I realized that my speed was slow enough so that I would get to the anchorage after dark. Although this anchorage is open and the mooring balls easy to see, I wanted to avoid all those fishing trap peppered around the island so opted to motor sail and set the Gori propeller to “cruising mode” and with 1800RPM I was averaging around 7.5Knots and that was just right for a sunset arrival.
Departing from Jolly Harbour Departing Jolly Harbour after having cleared out - destination is St. Martin on this trip.

[17°4'25.05"N 61°53'29.71"W (facing W)]
Departing from Jolly Harbour
Cloudforest on Nevis I'd not heard the term before seeing the volcanic islands in the Caribbean. It is a term that means that altitude where the condensation of the humid air is almost always present and thus there is a permanent haze or layer of cloud.

[17°2'18.25"N 62°33'51.81"W (facing N)]
Cloudforest on Nevis
Nevis Cloudforest I can't recall ever having seen more of the top of the volcanic hill than this morning, you can -almost- see the tip.

[17°8'18.57"N 62°39'17.48"W (facing E)]
Nevis Cloudforest
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