Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jolly Harbour marina Zanshin I at the docks in Jolly Harbour Marina in Antigua. I've just completed getting her set up again after summer storage and am ready to go.

[17°3'55.36"N 61°53'4.95"W (facing NE)]
Jolly Harbour marina
Today has been spent in preparations for departure; which if all goes well is going to be tomorrow. I think I will go to St. Barths or Saba via an overnight stop in Nevis. If the ocean swells subside to around 1 meter instead of the current 2+ then I want to visit Saba, unfortunately the anchorages there are not great due to being open to the sea and exposed to the typical Atlantic swell. I shouldn't have put the dinghy together and put on the outboard, as I reversed the procedure today in order to prepare for the passages and that Tohatsu outboard is pretty ungainly to carry around.
Nigel from Oboe threw a sun downer party for a couple of his friends and dock neighbors that was a lot of fun. I even dressed up for it by putting on a shirt with a collar and long pants!

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