Friday, November 27, 2009

Leaky exhaust elbow This broken exhaust elbow corroded through due to hot exhaust gases and boiling/steam salt water.
Leaky exhaust elbow
Up Chuck Seen on the hard at Jolly Harbour in Antigua, the name certainly doesn't evoke that feeling of calm seas and pleasant times :)
[17°4'3.89"N 61°53'1.92"W (facing W)]
Up Chuck
I thought that preparing the generator would be a quick job, just replacing the impeller and firing her up. Nope, the generator wouldn't start and, thanks to a camera held under and inside the engine, I see that the system has a puncture. That doesn't explain why the generator won't start but needs to repaired before the generator can be used. First impression (and the repair) are documented here.
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