Thursday, November 26, 2009

Rust in sink I had left some pickling solution for the watermaker in the sink and it caused some serious corrosion, which took a lot of elbow grease to remove.
Rust in sink
Now that I'm on my 4th mini Carib beer (what a nasty marketing scam, making 275ml bottles) and feeling much better, allowing the alcohol to dilute the lactic acid in my tissues after a busy day. I managed to get a lot of work done on the boat, both inside cleaning and outside cleaning/preparatory work! Tomorrow morning my neighbor here at the dock will help me hoist my repaired genoa sail and then all I need to do is to get the mainsail prepared and the dinghy inflated and ready to go; then I can depart from the dock - while I will miss the comfort of air conditioned comfort while plugged into the mains power supply I will be happy to get out of the marina and start cruising again. I did learn an important lesson today, when I opened up the left sink cover I saw a rusted mess of ostensibly stainless steel. It turns out that I shouldn't have stored the opened container of acid used to “pickle“ the reverse osmosis system in there!
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