Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gori folding propellor Here I've used axle grease liberally around the gearing of the Gori folding propellor. I should have cleaned thoroughly but didn't have sufficient time before Zanshin I was scheduled to be put back into the water.

[18°24'1.39"N 64°38'1.51"W ]
Gori folding propellor
Missing Strainer Someone removed the metal strainer that was in front of this through-hull (for the salt-water pump in the galley). I did walk around looking for a boat with a new and blue-bottom paint colored strainer, but to no avail.

[17°4'2.69"N 61°53'3.24"W ]
Missing Strainer

I went to the boat today to see what work I could do underneath the waterline prior to the boat getting splashed back into the water. I greased up the Gori folding prop and cleaned the remaining few dried barnacles from the hull, and discovered that someone had actually removed a metal grate covering the galley salt water intake including the 5 screws holding it in! I doubt that the part is particularly expensive, but those 5 holes can cause water ingress and damage if not plugged up. I think that this is a despicable theft and, if it weren't so warm and windless, I'd walk around the yard looking for a boat with a grate similar to what mine used to be and if they were lazy they might have even left my colored bottom paint on.




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