Monday, November 23, 2009

Due to project time line changes I realized that December was the perfect time to take a break and it took me less than two hours to plan the vacation, get permission from my project managers at work and book my flights! This is just an interim trip and I still wish to go through the Panama canal sometime in 2010. Fortunately for me the prices for tickets and accommodation are not yet at their height so I managed to get a good deal on both, flying on Condor Airlines and staying at the Jolly Harbour Beach Resort right next to the boat yard. The hotel is an all-inclusive resort and I'm not the type to use that to its full extent and will probably opt for a more conventional hotel next time around. as I'd rather pay for a good meal than get unlimited amounts of average buffet. The hotel does have the distinct advantage that it is only a couple of hundred yards walk to the marina and boat yard, though and the air-conditioning was working well.

Frankfurt Departure Board Note that the delays, which were to take several hours, hadn't quite made it to this board at this time. Had I only known at the time how long it would take I might have started drinking earlier.

[50°3'2.16"N 8°34'15.63"E ]
Frankfurt Departure Board
Frankfurt Condor departures Soon the waiting will be over and I'll be on that jet plane for 9+ hours but when I breathe in the first humid tendrils of air I'll know that it was worth it.

[50°2'56.8"N 8°34'23.88"E ]
Frankfurt Condor departures
Boo Tiger on the hard This was taken before I'd changed her name. You can see how I packed the navigation pod with the chartplotter with plastic bags, green sunbrella material from Solitaire's old bimini and some bungee cords.

[17°4'3.33"N 61°53'3.24"W (facing SE)]
Boo Tiger on the hard
Boo Tiger in Jolly Harbour Looking out the back from my position on the hard in Jolly Harbour Marina in Antigua after the hurricane season. The boat is soon to be put back into the water and I'm cleaning up things as much as possible before heading off to the slip.

[17°4'3.04"N 61°53'2.98"W (facing NW)]
Boo Tiger in Jolly Harbour

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